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Security Psychology And Why Even Messy Numbers Of Government Data Demands Are Valuable

People assume the worst. So when it comes to counting government “requests” for private data, disclosing a number, even a high number, is far better than the fear of infinity. That’s why tech giants are fighting to show they aren’t open books surrendered to the NSA. They want to prove only the suspicious are being spied upon.

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Hong Kong is showing huge support for whistleblower Edward Snowden.



An article by Geert Lovink in E-Flux has become accidentally more relevant in light of recent political events.

The shocking revelations brought into the media regarding the NSA by Edward Snowden got many to draw parallels between today’s society on Huxley’s 1984. One crucial aspect of Huxley’s dystopia was how an information overload would lead the populous as a whole to servile passivity.

Also, just simply a great article by Lovink


Are you resisting yet?


So there are a few key salient facts to put across with this whole NSA/PRISM scandal which should be making you very, very pissed off.

1) Previously we have been told that the NSA does not, in fact, keep any sort of records of non-suspected individuals. We now know they have been collecting…